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  • The National Paleontological Collection (NPC) is one of the “Nationally Significant” collections and databases recognised by the New Zealand government. In addition to systematic reference collections of macro- and micro-fossil taxa from New Zealand and surrounding areas, including Antarctica and New Caledonia, the NPC includes a large number of type and figured specimens, as well as some important historical collections and a small amount of foreign reference material. Notably, the NPC also hosts the only International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Micropaleontological Reference Centre located in the Southern Hemisphere. The collection is housed at the GNS Science Avalon campus. Catalogue information is digital and available online. Information pertaining to the type material is accessible to the public from the GNS Science web site. DOI: Cite as: GNS Science. (2008). National Paleontological Collection (NPC) [Data set]. GNS Science.

  • The landmark 518-page publication "Cenozoic Mollusca of New Zealand" by Beu & Maxwell (1990, NZGS Paleontological Bulletin 58) is long out of print. This publication by Beu & Raine (2009, GNS Science Miscellaneous Publication 27) contains revised descriptions and names of all species treated in detail in Paleontological Bulletin 58, arranged in a hypertext format. This guide has been constructed from the text of NZGS Paleontological Bulletin 58, with the figures individually scanned and available alongside the relevant text. Minor changes have been made to the text of morphological descriptions and notes about distribution, but the names of taxa and comparison notes have been extensively updated with taxonomic changes that have been published on Mollusca during the intervening 20 years. DOI: Cite as: Beu, A. G., & Raine, I. J. (2009). Revised descriptions of New Zealand Cenozoic Mollusca from Beu and Maxwell (1990). GNS Science.

  • The New Zealand Fossil Record File (FRF) is one of the “Nationally Significant” collections and databases recognised by the New Zealand government. It comprises a comprehensive archive of fossil collections made from New Zealand and surrounding areas, including Antarctica and New Caledonia, recording detailed locality information, stratigraphic data, age and paleoenvironmental interpretations, and, for many records, taxonomic lists of the fossils collected. The New Zealand Fossil Record File is jointly managed by the Geoscience Society of New Zealand and GNS Science. The FRF has been digitised (as the Fossil Record Electronic Database, or “FRED”) and is available online from the GNS Science web site. Access is free, although user registration is required. DOI: Cite as: GNS Science & Geoscience Society of New Zealand. (2003). New Zealand Fossil Record File [Data set]. GNS Science.

  • This web-based catalogue presents an entry for each of the approximately 850 species of fossil spore or pollen from the New Zealand region that are recorded in the scientific literature. The database has been compiled primarily as a reference tool for paleontologists engaged in biostratigraphic work in New Zealand pre-Pleistocene strata, and provides a snapshot of the present state of nomenclature for this group of fossils. Taxa are arranged according to a morphological classification, to which there is a key in the introductory text. For each species, a detailed synonymy lists significant nomenclatural changes, all published records from New Zealand strata, some important illustrated records from elsewhere, and records which are regarded as misidentifications. The web pages are comprehensively illustrated with previously published images of New Zealand specimens, where possible reproduced from original photographs. Brief notes on natural phylogenetic relationships are also included. DOI: Cite as: Raine, J. I., Mildenhall, D. C., & Kennedy, E. M. (2011). New Zealand fossil spores and pollen: an illustrated catalogue. 4th edition. GNS Science.