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  • For the purpose of studying the impact of the 12 August 2021 South Sandwich tsunami in several locations around the world, a high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) of King Edward Cove, South Georgia Island (UK) has been built using three different types of data. They include: - The Global dataset 15 arcsec resolution GEBCO (2021) - The Global dataset 1 arcsec resolution SRTM (2013) - Digitized and georeferenced British Admiralty Nautical Chart 3587 – Harbours and Anchorages in South Georgia (Edition 2003) – Plan B: King Edward Cove. The data showing the highest resolution has been kept in priority. The compilation of data has been interpolated to a regular spatial resolution of 0.00009° (~6 m) between 36.5162736855°W and 36.4633943045801°W and 54.3061332112°S and 54.2693514649479°S using the kriging method. For more information about this method, see for example Oliver and Webster (1990). DOI: Cite data as: Roger, J. (2022). Digital Elevation Model of King Edward Cove, South Georgia Island (UK) [Data set]. GNS Science.