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  • Database of lake core and sample metadata from Lakes380, past, present, future programme (MBIE endeavour 2017-2022). • To use and collaborate on research relating to environmental change and lake health captured in lake cores. • Location and sample information including physical location and core subsampling. Linked back to core sample depth and number. • Metadata of the history of the analysis, including processing, handling, and analysis. DOI: Cite as: GNS Science. (2020). Lakes380 [Data set]. GNS Science.

  • A database of geophysical logs derived from NZ boreholes (and derived velocity/time curves). It includes both digital and paper records

  • New Zealand Active Source Seismic Data Resource a national archive which holds data and interpretation derived from active-source seismic investigation within the NZ ECS. It contains data from both commercial exploration and research experiments. It is managed as a collection of datasets.