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  • The LIMS Water Dating Lab Information System contains sample submission information for tritium, CFC, SF6, radon, stable isotope, and C14 samples submitted to the Water Dating Lab. The LIMS records data on sample processes and pretreatment. Once the results have been checked and pass QC then these results are uploaded to the LIMS masterlist. The database creates results reports as the user requests. The results are reported by email to commercial clients. invoicing is independent of the database, however invoice numbers are recorded in the database for reference. The Water Dating Lab manages the digital databases, paper records and physical remains of submitted materials.

  • The Stable Isotope Laboratory (SIL) LIMS Database, is for recording and storing all information related to the Mass Spectrometers and Laser stable isotope data of 2H,18O,15N, 34S, 13C results pertaining to samples received by SIL since 2006. Data generated from the Stable Isotope Laboratory is also stored in other databases both within GNS and outside it such as NZGAL, Water Dating Laboratory, Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory, Universities, and other Geological institutes around the world. DOI: Cite as: GNS Science. (2021). Stable Isotope Laboratory Information System (SIL LIMS) [Data set]. GNS Science.