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  • The Theses dataset is one of six datasets that make up the Bibliographic Database. The Theses dataset is a New Zealand geoscience bibliography that includes: 1) theses undertaken within all Geology and Earth Science Departments in New Zealand universities, regardless of whether on a New Zealand or overseas topic; 2) theses with substantial original research in solid earth sciences (including soils but excluding, meteorological and atmospheric and ocean studies) undertaken in other departments in New Zealand universities; 3) theses with substantial original research in the solid earth sciences of New Zealand undertaken in overseas universities; 4) theses completed by GNS Science staff or visitors. Every indexed thesis has a unique BIB ID number. Note it is not a complete record for NZ theses.

  • This database contains references and abstracts of geoscience publications relevant to New Zealand geoscience, including all GNS staff scientific papers and books, and all GNS publications. The Bibliography is produced by GNS Information Services, updated weekly, and is available as a live database search. These references and abstracts are provided free of charge to assist geoscience research in New Zealand. For more refined searching, subscribe to GeoRef or Knowledge Basket, both of which also contain New Zealand geoscience records. For access to the full article if your organisation does not have a subscription, you may use your local library to interloan the item, or GNS publications may be purchased from us.

  • The Petroleum / Mineral / Coal Reports dataset is one of six datasets that make up the Bibliographic Database. Under the Crown Minerals Act, these reports are submitted to the New Zealand government by holders of prospecting, exploration or mining permits and become publicly available at some stage. Records for and online links to the petroleum / mineral / coal reports are available through the Online Exploration Database ( of NZ Petroleum & Minerals (NZP&M). Equivalent records for the petroleum / mineral / coal reports were created in the GNS Science Bibliographic Database in order to facilitate the discovery of these items when GNS Science staff search the Bibliographic Database. Links are provided to most of the petroleum reports. In addition, GNS Staff can search for petroleum reports using the Petroleum Report Search webpage ( where links are also provided either to a copy held by GNS Science or to a copy held by the NZ government. Every indexed report has a unique BIB ID number in addition to its assigned PR (petroleum), MR (mineral) or CR (coal) number.