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  • This metadata record represents meteorological data and in situ and isotopic measurements of the isotopic ratio of water vapor from the ablating ice from two lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. Lake ice and water samples (from the surface water and at depth via SCUBA) were collected in vials. Ice samples at Lake Bonney were collected daily, and at Lake Fryxell samples were collected approximately twice per day. Lake ice samples were also collected at Lake Fryxell along three transects spaced approximately every 300 to 500 m (meters) across the lake surface. Water vapor isotope flux measurements were collected via air inlets which were installed at 0.5, 1.0, and 3.0 m on the tower using ¼″ OD Teflon tubes. The lines were insulated and continuously pumped at a flow rate of approximately 10 L min−1 using a secondary pump. Meteorological measurements with a Vaisala HMP100 probe for temperature and relative humidity readings and an RM Young wind vane (model 05108) for wind velocity measurements, at heights of 3.0 and 0.5 m. Air temperature, relative humidity, wind velocity, and lake surface temperature measurements were recorded every minute via a Campbell Scientific CR1000 data logger. Spatial Coordinates: Lake Bonney (-77.60672778, 162.44982222) Lake Fryxell (-77.60672778, 163.12508611) Further details are provided at: A. W. Bellagamba, M. Berkelhammer, L. Winslow, P. T. Doran, K. F. Myers, S. Devlin & I. Hawes (2021) The magnitude and climate sensitivity of isotopic fractionation from ablation of Antarctic Dry Valley lakes, Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, 53:1, 352-371, GET DATA: