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  • GIS datasets relevant to geothermal fields Include GIS layers used regularly for site specific and/or client specific projects. They represent surface expressions of geothermal infrastructures, geothermal features, geosciences and topographic layers. DOI: Cite dataset as: GNS Science. (2009). Geothermal GIS datasets [Data set]. GNS Science.

  • This dataset is a compilation of some geological logs from geothermal wells, including some physical samples. Data associated to the geological logs may include: - Physical samples (cores or cuttings); - Provisional Geological Logs, Lithology and Alteration Logs, Final geological logs. The dataset cover physical samples and information from some Geothermal Wells over some of the geothermal fields of NZ. Some samples are physically held by GNS, others by Clients. Geological logs are available from 2005 onwards, plus some (not all) historical records. The dataset also include digital data from some geothermal fields internationally. DOI: Cite dataset as: GNS Science. (2021). Geothermal well data [Data set]. GNS Science.