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  • GeoNet's network of strong motion stations has evolved into a more sophisticated network that captures the strong ground shaking in New Zealand. This network delivers an ensemble of data products including raw and processed data. The GeoNet strong motion data products are available for earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 and above, including time series, response spectra, peak ground motions and Fourier Spectra. As part of the re-development of these products, this dataset is available in two groups: [1] Volume products for earthquake events from 1966 to 2021 [2] Geocsv products for earthquake events from 1999 onwards More details available herein: Improving our strong motion services: Overview on volume products: For data access: [1] Strong Motion Tool ( [2] GeoNet data site ( This dataset is funded through DOI: Cite dataset as: GNS Science, GeoNet Strong Motion Data Products.