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  • The Urban Borehole Database (UBHDB) is a digital compilation of borehole records utilised in urban mapping, 3D geological modelling, and ground shaking studies by GNS Science. This database primarily utilises borehole records from the New Zealand Geotechnical Database (NZGD, and other records provided to GNS Science from engineering consulting companies as well as local government records. The UBHDB is a relational database and contains nine tables; eight down-hole data tables linked to a borehole location / collar table. Down-hole data includes: lithology (descriptions from borehole logs and interpretations of local formation for each down-hole interval), geochronology, shear vein tests, SPT (standard penetration test), structure (structural measurements), survey (borehole orientation), velocity (shear wave velocity), water (static water level measurements). Addition of new data is ongoing and the database is regularly maintained and used for hazard and mapping projects at GNS Science. Data from the NZGD are added to the database in areas of mapping and modelling projects; PDF records from the NZGD are digitised and appended to the database for use in GNS Science research projects. DOI: Cite as: GNS Science. (2021). Urban Borehole Database [Data set]. GNS Science.