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  • Raster chart image of: TO 404 Approaches to Lifuka This data was compiled for the use at the following scale: 1:8000 File reference: TO40402.tif THIS DATA DOES NOT REPLACE NAUTICAL CHARTS AND MUST NOT TO BE USED FOR NAVIGATION. The hydrographic raster data made available through the LINZ Data Service is based on the Paper Navigational Charts published and maintained by the New Zealand Hydrographic Authority at Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). The online New Zealand Chart Catalogue provides more detailed and the most up to date information about New Zealand charts: [New Zealand Chart Catalogue]( Information on symbols and abbreviations used on nautical charts: [Symbols and Abbreviations]( Hydrographic standards and specifications for nautical charts and publications: [Standards and Specifications](

  • Map on ammonia print, with annotation in pencil and ink, rich in detail, in good condition. - Observation measure: mainly observation. - Map size: B2. Keywords: AUCKLAND; HAMILTON; HIGHWAYS; OTARA; OTARA CREEK; EAST TAMAKI